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Saturday, August 28, 2010

Loser Stoner

How does it feel knowing you have tons of friends? Not even friends, but just phone numbers collecting dust in your cellphone's phone book? I ask because i wouldn't know. At this point, many are thinking "But why? Didn't you go through highschool with kids your age all around you?" Of course I did. Did I ever bother trying to become their friend? Simply put, no. Why would I? I'm not saying they aren't nice, or cool, or anything, but that I have no drive to be friends with them.

What defines a true friend? Someone who will never turn on you. Someone who you enjoy spending time with. Someone who helps you through tough times. Someone who will make your day better. In this sense, the only friend i had throughout highschool is Weed. And thats all i needed. Weed doesn't have a personality like a person does, which is what makes it the perfect friend if you let it be. Thats who I was back in highschool. The guy who nobody talked to because he's "weird". But my friend understood me and thats all i needed. So throughout highschool all I did was work part time, school, and smoke. Nobody bothered me and it was great. I loved being the Loser Stoner.

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